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Dixxon Flannels

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Dixxon's Signature DTECH Material is a special Poly Blend fabric made to be Breathable for the performance you demand, yet durable for the rugged lifestyle you live

The Boneless - A crucial, staple trick for any skateboarder young and old alike. This flannel is just that. No matter your style, age, or preference in color this piece packs it all and is an easy staple in your wardrobe. Light and Versatile grey, perfectly laid lines of Black, Red, and White

The Hammer - Sometimes it takes months and months to perfect a color way, and with this pick you re getting just that. The perfect bright whites mixed with the perfect vibrant reds, flawless crossover colors into light tones and undertones make this a timeless and absolute classic piece

The Outlaw - Pure Black. Breaks all rules of what a Men's Flannel is Supposed to be, because we do what feel like doing. Same great fit, same great breathable and comfortable fabric. Triple Black, Black on Black

The Portside - Mixes tones of the Sea, the Land, The Highway, and wraps them all up in a package that tells a story to the ones who understand

The Saint - Deep and Rich Chocolate Browns right up against a Heavy Black, Makes for the perfect Men's Flannel. Classic buffalo pattern style, updated with a modern flavor to make this not your dad's wrinkled old flannel

The Brawler - It takes class to wear such deep and bold undertones of maroons mixed with an underlying dark steel grey and the perfect amount of black. Unique yet extremely versatile to work dressed up for a night out or buttoned to the top ready for whatever you can throw at it. The Brawler. The classy and understated touch to an otherwise rugged exterior.

The Southie - We came back with the boldest greens you can find, and mixed them in a modern and sleek pattern butted right up against an equal dose of blacks and whites, for a perfected green flannel. Thirsty Thursday? Feeling like a pint with the boys? Don't slam a frosty one without bringing The Southie.

The Mojave - Patterned to Perfection, we laid out every detail of this color way by hand to make sure every line, every square, and every separation in color would result in a modern and versatile color way. The Mojave brings a rich, deep brown backed against a subtle dose of white and red pin striping and undertones of black.

The Southside - Signature and Classic Blended Ombre style flannel packing a serious blend of True Red and Black. We strive for versatility in a piece that can truly be used as a good looking casual wear flannel and a truly dressed up outerwear piece.

The Chuck - We got asked 964 times why we didn't make a yellow flannel.
Well, Here it is. Rich Gold and Black. Packs the punch you deserve. Get into, Chuck.

The Stagedive - Classic Buffalo Plaid providing a Rich and Deep Blue matched to a Pure Black. Classic's Redefined. That's What We Do.